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The Roulette Game

The Roulette Game

Exaggerate donkey and other tricks to rule the roulette table. Roulette is a truly amazing game. You can win a mind boggling amount of money if you are lucky enough to catch a single the winning number in the roulette game. Although the amount of money you can win is considerably comparatively small, the thrill you experience in every spin is definitely worth a lot. Every spin can be your lucky spin as you are able to catch a winning number, whether it be single or double.

To play the roulette game, you have to purchase the appropriate chips. Each player is given different colored chips. After placing the bets on the roulette table, the dealer spins the wheel and then spins a ball in an opposite direction in a titled track that goes around the wheel. Eventually, the ball will lose momentum and then drop on to the wheel and into a slot. Thenotation of the winning number is then printed or otherwise referred to as a placard. The winner only wins the amount printed on the placard.

Chances to win

The chances to win in roulette are both ways. There are 37 or 38 pockets with a single spin of the wheel. Therefore, there are over 17,000 different variations of the game. The probability to win roulette is highest when the number you bet on is the winning number on the very first spin.

Chances to lose

Chances to lose in Remipoker are equally high. Because of the small number of pockets with relatively less number of spins, the payout is much smaller and you can lose significantly. The fact that the bets are placed in a non-Communicational way on the table can reduce the chances to lose considerably.

To decrease the chances of losing, you should avoid placing bets that have lowest odds, those are based on odd or even numbers and those that can be established with a scope of at least fifty per cent.uces the house edge of the roulette game. Betting the inside and outside bets has also been shown to decrease the house edge. These types of bet provide the same odds to win and to loose.

Before placing your next bet, verify the probability of the bets that you are going to make. Make sure that you are in a good position to win your bet. If you are not in a good position, then you should save your money and try to place bets in future. The probability of wining the bet is the measure of the success of your bet. The amount of money you spend in an attempt to win more money will ultimately determine your success or failure in the game.

The ability to win or to lose in roulette game is directly related to the knowledge, skill and experience you have in the game. The more you know and/or experience in the game, the better you will be able to predict the outcome of the game and the methods to go forward and make a Barbar beating.

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How To Know The Holdem Rules Of Game Without Having To Look Stupid And Ask Your Friends

How To Know The Holdem Rules Of Game Without Having To Look Stupid And Ask Your Friends

There is no question that Holdem is an easy game to learn. Many friends and relatives that are poker enthusiasts full out admit that poker is an easy game to learn. It only takes as you go from knowing nothing to knowing everything. However the real question is were are the holdem rules easy to learn or are they hard to learn.

First and foremost the first thing you have to know is the the each Holdem rule is different from the way you play the game in typical casinos. So you will need to learn them all. There is the limit Holdem rule, the flop rule, the river rule, the pair rule and the showdown rule. Each and every rule described below is applied in particular circumstances during the game.

Holdem Rules – Limit Holdem Rule

The limit holdem rule starts off with two players to the left of the dealer putting in the small and big blind. This is the minimum bet. The blinds are named as low as 2 cents. The online poker room will set the bet to a fraction of that initial amount. 1/2 of the small blind is 1/2 of the minimum bet.

Holdem Rules – Flop Rule

Before the game can start the dealer will deal 5 cards to each able player. There are three round of betting. The first of which is the small blind. Then the dealer will deal the flop which are the first three community cards. These are dealt face up and are called the flop.

Holdem Rules – Turn Rule

After the flop the dealer will deal the turn. The turn is the fourth card dealt face up and another round of betting follows.

Holdem Rules – River Rule

After the fourth card is dealt the dealer deals the river. Now the game is coming to an end. If the player is still in the game after the river card is dealt the winner is the player with the bestfive card poker combination.

Holdem Rules – Pair Rule

The most important legal entity in five card poker is the pair. If you have two cards of the same value (two pairs) and in the same suit (five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty) aces count as an ace, two’s through eights are counted as twos, aces with queens are counted as queens and kings count as kings.

Holdem Rules – No Pair Rule

Sites all say that if any player has two or more cards of the same value they should break the tie by adding the value of the second highest card. For instance, if you have a king and an ace you have pair and aces count as twos, aces count as threes and so on. This eliminates the possibility of having a low pair.

So there you have the authentic rules of five card poker. Memorize these rules for fast play when you are playing with your friends and relatives or at the casino. But be warned, these are the real rules and you need to know them as if you are playing the game before putting your money in. If you really want to make money when you are playing dewalive, stick to the real rules.

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Playing Horse – Three Basic Online Horse Racing Betting Systems To Start With

Playing Horse - Three Basic Online Horse Racing Betting Systems To Start With

Learning how to play horse betting can be difficult and time consuming especially if you have no money to start with. I managed to learn how to make money by betting on horse racing and I can share this strategy with you today. Let’s look at the three systems I learned how to use and how they work.

  1. Back any Horse To Win

Before you start betting on poker88, you need to start betting on horses that the bookmakers will treat fairly. You can do this in a couple of ways, you can either back the horse to win or you can back the horse to place (which means you want the horse to finish in the first three positions).

I recommend using the latter option as it is the safest. If you have backed a horse to win, you will have to pay out if the horse wins, but if you placed a bet on a horse to place, you will not. The system I learned earlier holds true for almost all horses, but with exception of special horses likeFalse Favorites. Please note, that I say special horses like false Favorites.

The advantage of betting on horses to place is that you get to choose your own horses. The disadvantage is that the price is a lot higher. For example, a price of £30 to back a horse to place against the odds of 7/4, that is if the horse does not win. When you back a horse to place, you are hoping the price will be reflected in the positions of the horses after the race.

The rule of thumb for placing bets on horse races with place betting is, the higher the odds, the lower the price. Of course, this is not always going to be true, especially with favourites, but you should find a horse with the odds of your choosing to get the best value.

  1. Back Any Horse To Win

If you’re not sure who to back, you can use the favourite system. This admittingly is very simple and looks like a horse betting system, but it is not. What it really is, is a system for backing any horse to win a race. This is a very risky system because you are placing a bet on a horse, but with the betting exchange the odds are fixed and you will always find a price.

The system only works if the price is the same for every horse. This is because if you had £10 on every horse, you would have to pay out £10,000 to bet on them all (because of the way the betting exchange works). That isn’t too difficult if you have a small betting bank. But, what if you want a horse to win? Then again, you could use the backing system and hope that you have made the right selection.

  1. Back Your Own Money

If you want to win at this game, you are going to have to back yourself. If you want to win at this game, you are going to have to either bet with someone else’s money, or write your own money into the system.

As I have said, I don’t mind using the Betfair betting system to profit from horse racing. However, I do like to place my own bets on horse racing markets and that is exactly what I will be doing now. First, though, I would like to buy a few systems off the internet (Be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this article for a list of systems I have used). I am definitely going to try out this horse racing system that seems to be working really well for other people.

So, when is it a good time to bet against the selection? What I mean is, is it a good time to place a back bet against the selection, or bet for the horse to win?

Well, just about any horse race is a good time to back an outsider to win. The odds will be very heavily stacked against the horse, as there will be more than likely be a large percentage of horses winning the race. It is also a good time to bet for a horse to lose, as the odds will be heavily against the horse. These are just general concepts you can apply to any horse race. The OP’s system is specifically looking for selections in certain distance races, which are usually handicap races, because the handicap brackets are more closely packed, therefore there are more losers. Of course, there are other ideas that you can work with, such as laying horses to lose. However, system betting is by no means limited to horse racing. In fact, you can apply the concepts to just about any sporting event.

To conclude, there are a number of systems available on the internet for horse racing, dog racing, football, golf, hockey, tennis, snooker and many other sports.

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Some Common Sense Tips for the Casinos

Some Common Sense Tips for the Casinos

As the owner of the popular UK casino review website Card Metagaming, I have learned the hard way that gambling can burn a hole in your pocket as it is the one addiction that no one can fix. Here are my tips for casinos, and remember you are the one in charge.

Common sense rules:

  1. Only bet what you can afford to lose – we all know how high your stakes are, but don’t letting the casino or your Growling Stick steal them away.
  2. Only bet what you can afford to win – there is no such thing as a Larry Blair who will see you win with his growling stick.
  3. Don’t triple up – set a limit and stick to it. You are a professional; manage your finances carefully.
  4. Don’t become “Greedy” – have patience and set yourself a daily or weekly budget, Lynch your bank account.
  5. Understand the house edge – if you don’t, you can’t win.
  6. Be aware of your emotions – win money at the casino by keeping an emotional level at bay.
  7. If you can’t resist, set up a monthly budget of gambling money – and stick to it!
  8. If it feels good, gamble more!

The facts are, that over 50% of gamblers lose money – and get it back faster than you can say “7Meter!” My website (the Metagame Method website) will teach you how to set up your own system to win back your money over time – if you can eliminate the risk factors above – you will nearly always have a basis to start with.

However, if you have a big win, at least you didn’t lose all of it back – that would have been devastating!

I know that many of you who are reading this already know how to play your favourite games, have a normal career and have home and/or family. If you do, then this is clearly not for you. But if on the other hand you are like me, a huge gambling fan, and have a daily inside football existence, then you may just be able to justify the cost of the product.

The price? Well, the cost is only relevant when you are getting something for nothing. The cost of the systems, guides, books, Slim Card Secret and the like in this category is very cheap in comparison to the strength and value that you will learn within.

You will learn how to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, craps and keno. I also learn how to use Independent Chip Model calculations in my betting days. You will also learn of course, how to use various safer betting strategies than the traditional Martingale system that gamblers hate. I also learn of other ways to bet on football, such as with a Trioplay system.

When you buy this product, you will also get a year’s membership free, which comes with an email of course, and a link to the online bet calculator which I will talk about later. This is a much cheaper way of learning something that could become a form of crash and burn if you are not 100% sure of it.

Then later on you can also receive a copy of the system that I have used to make over $2000 tax free per year from football betting, when I introduced the Horse Racing Service MySoccerLimit.

This system was much smaller, but like the others, it was the first time I felt that I was actually going to make money placing bets on the football leagues. It was great fun and when I began to use the system more and more, I soon realized that it was the best thing that I could have done to win all those little odds that I worked so hard to get.

Then when I worked to find the best value to bet on, I realized that I had some good learning from doing the types of odds that I got on the exchanges. Only then I began to realize that perhaps I really was making some good money there instead of spending my time looking for sure bets in the thousands.

I have learned many about this method of making money from betting on the football leagues, in particular, the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. Once I realized this, then I began to actively look for opportunities to place lay bets using this system.

At this point, you might be asking, “If I am a fan of football, is this scam going to work”?

Now, the great part about lay betting is that it doesn’t even need to work. This system is so good, and is so logical that I have been money management on it alone and yes, I have won money laying on the exchanges!

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Poker Hand Odds

Poker Hand Odds

Poker has become one of the most widely played games in the last few years and if you enjoy playing it or are learning to play poker it’s a good idea to learn about poker hand odds. Not only do you need to know the odds of making your hand but also what the odds are of your opponents holding a better hand than you.

If you play poker on a regular basis you may find it easy to calculate your odds every time your are dealt cards. However, for beginners and even expert level players the use of odds can be a little tricky.

Good hands to call

When you are sitting to the left of the bola88 and looking at your hand you may want to consider the following advice to increase your chances of getting a good hand when you have a good one.

If you have a pair of aces then you should raise the bet if your are in first position. If you have two pairs then you should raise when in the right position. However, you should not raise if you have come to the fore in middle or last position.

The reasons for this are that the player in the dealer’s seat is more likely to be dealt a better hand than you are. Furthermore, there is a great chance that the player in the dealer’s seat will bang his hand by either bluffing or re-raising the bet. Because you are not in the dealer’s seat you cannot see what he has and he can only see what you have.

A Pair of Kings or Aces

If you have these two cards then you should consider raising the bet. Two pairs are a fairly strong hand. You should also consider three of a kind as well.

A pair of Kings or Aces is a hand that you want to protect. If other players at the table are prepared to pay to see the flop then by all means ignore this hand.

However, if you have two pair or three of a kind then you should protect this hand.

When you have a pair of Kings or Aces then you will flop a draw the majority of the time. Given enough time and the right draw Indeed these two hands are dangerous and should be either played conservatively or even re-fetched.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is another good hand that is not too strong but not too weak. You can protect this hand better than the King Ace.

This hand is best to play aggressively when you are in late position. If you check, an opponent with a better hand will see the flop for free.

You will flop the majority of your hands right but the remaining ones will require careful attention.

Dai Gow

Dai Gow is one of the mostods that you can find. This hand was originally played as 5, 6, 5, 5, but the 9 meant that the board could not be straights or flushes.

This is the ultimate trap hand. If you call here you are likely to lose a large percentage of your stack as the caller will have a better kicker than you.

If you can see the flop then it is worth chasing the hand.

These three hands are not the best but should not be played lightly. Knowing when to chase a hand and when not to as the situation calls for it.

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Texas Holdem for Newbies

Texas Holdem for Newbies

The first step for a new player who wants to learn how to play Texas Holdem poker properly is read one of the hundreds of good books available about the game. You can find a massive selection of poker books at online stores such as amazon or ebay, or have a look in your local bookstore. Another good way to learn the game is by watching some of the poker tournaments on TV closely watching how the professionals play; the commentators usually explain the player’s actions reasonably well, and talk you through the game. In the latter case, although you may not be able to directly participate in the game, you can watch the reactions of the players to what happens.

Once you begin to play Texas Holdem poker, you will want to develop your own strategy. The best way to do this is to interactive with the poker professionals and see how your methods compare to theirs. You can either do this by using a poker software program, or by participating in free online tournaments. If you are computer literate, you can use a poker calculator to assist you. Most of these tools are allowed under most poker software programs.

As you continue to play, you will want to fine-tune your game. If you are practicing online, you can enter free Texas Holdem tournaments offered by the online poker sites, which allow you to play and improve your game without the risk of risking any money.

In order to keep track of your play, you will need to use an advanced poker calculator to track your play. Most, whether mobile or web, have a built-in poker calculator that runs a visual plain viewer that you can see how you are playing. The best way to see how you are making your decisions is to download an Excel add-on that will allow you to see the deck and your opponents in a new window right next to your poker hand.

If you are not literate in English, you can take the help of a language server to assist you. Most of the big poker rooms employ a language server specifically to cater to international customers. You can see what rooms are offering what in the lobby, and what the stakes are in a live game.

Once you feel confident enough to play online poker, signing up for poker tournaments is common sense. Take the time to get a full understanding of how the tournament works, and be prepared to play and win. Most tournaments have a season structure and many of them have multiple tables. With multiple tables you can often take a break in between games and come back to play another tournament.

Read up on the rules before you play

Online poker requires that you make a minimum bet of  10  or the actual size of the big blind, whichever is greater. Many players do not like to make this bet and so will choose not to play. You should read up on the rules of the game at the site you play on. Check out the odds offered on all of the bets on the table by clicking on them and inspection the bets. If you do not want to gamble, then you can put up an ante, which is usually about the same as the blind.

When you are ready to play, if you are in the US, you can use a credit card to get paid if you win, but you will not get a bonus or rake back. The best thing you can do is to make a deposit or play online dewabet as a guest player to get a good deal. When you play as a guest player you can also get a better deal than if you buy-in independently.

If you want to play for real money and not worry about making a deposit, you can play online poker tournaments. When you play in online poker tournaments you get a chance to play in real games, earn points and even win small prizes. However, keep in mind that the points you earn may not be used towards playing real poker games. However, they can be used to sign up to online poker tournaments that can give you a chance to win more money.

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Letting Go of the Weekly Positiveression

Letting Go of the Weekly Positiveression

We all tend to tap our egos a little too hard when we are having a bad run at the table, week in and week out. It’s not because we are bad players, but because we are human. We all tend to get frustrated with situations that we can’t seem to wrap our brains around.

I was smack dab in the middle of one of my busiest periods of the year. The results of the college football season. Heck, I could have been sitting around with a lead after the first three weeks, but I took a couple weeks off. Yes, I wrote a book on chip control during the NFL season as well. Whoopie, two weeks off.

So, I took a couple weeks off to clear my head (come on, that’s a real understatement) and to evaluate how I was actually playing the game. While I wouldn’t say I came out a genius, I did come out with a different perspective on my evaluation of my own play. Here’s some of what I came up with:

Under Case / Over: Under in the MPO777 is almost always a better bet than over in college football; NFL games are easier to predict Therefore, if you’re trying to make money, betting the over rounds is always a bet you’ll win.

Pass Offense Rating (POF) / Socket Minimums: In college football, I am willing to take a shot at a play that might not yield the numbers I am looking for to make money, but I am unwilling to go broke over a play that is guaranteed to give me a positive ROI. Bad weeks happen, and you can’t make a scientific study about them. At the same time, if you are chasing a play in the NFL that requires a pass offense rating in the high 80s, what are the other viable plays you can bet on to ensure your bottom line? Don’t fall into the trap of chasing a play you’ll lose under.

Advanced Roulette Strategy:

Advanced roulette strategy is far more difficult to put into action due to the nature of the game, but when I do bet on the game, the following principles usually guide my decision.

There are many different strategies that can be applied to an advanced roulette game. One of the usual advanced roulette strategies is to choose an even number in the middle of a line and an odd number beyond the middle of a line. When betting, you may bet on red or black, odd or even, or dozen or column. With this roulette strategy, you should not take any odds, although the odds are normally in a machine’s favor. With this strategy, you are essentially betting on pure chance.

As far back as the 1800’s, roulette has been one of the most popular gambling games in the world. It is not surprising that roulette has never lost its popularity among casinos, neither has it lost its edge over the many thousands of people who place their bets on roulette each year.

When you make an informed decision when learning to play roulette, you take a large stride towards gaining an informed roulette strategy, and this is the first step towards developing a betting strategy you can rely on. The casino is in business to make money, so they will always have the odds in every roulette game, minus the bonuses or more. It is up to you, however, to determine whether or not a particular game is better to place your money on. For a more complete explanation of roulette bets, a formidable roulette strategy and a threat to your wallet, download the entire R-Bet system here.

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Learn How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery Today!

Learn How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery Today!

Lottery is one of the most common past-times in the world, and in fact, governments usually clustering all kinds of pro-games and entertainment events around these kinds of gambling are becoming a common trend these days. Any time people can be have fun playing the lottery, thus, raising extra funds for various social causes is one of their purposes. In the United States, lotteries have been played since the early 1800s, with the advent of the state lottery in the 1860s. Along with this, several combinations of numbers were developed and the practice of buying combinations by the public continued.

Around the same time, some private lotteries started to show a profit, and this led to the next phase of the history of lottery in the U.S. Some private lotteries were able to give the players more chances of winning, because lotteries in that era were only available to corporate clients. In order to expand the number of people playing the lottery, lottery corporations began to sell combinations to the public. This is one of the reasons why the lottery became a very popular past time.

The history of the lottery in the U.S. dates back to some very important people in its history. In the early 1800s, there was an Owen Paper Money machine that was later replaced by a Look-Outsaline. In the 1800s, the currency used by the U.S. was the silver anniversary coin, which was created in Finance. Around the same time, the silver dollar coin was introduced by the U.S. to replenish the paper money.

All in all, the history of the silver dollar starts with the history of paper money and ends with the world’s first and most famous lottery, which was called the O’Toole Sports Handicapping, and the Indiana Derby. In the early 1800s, theRSHA, as the silver dollar was known then, ran races betting on the outcomes of various sporting events. Thestately Meadows event, as the race was known then, was held on May 30, 1892. It was the very first race held inolation of the modern-day Breeders’ Cup.

When the idea of organized horse racing betting came into being, the use of the silver dollar as the bets chip was published in a racing book put out by Arthur Edison, which was published in landmarks in Queens, New York and illustrated with the picture of a silver dollar (based on the chiptown of Philidor, Texas – home of J.M. Phelan, the gentleman horse trader that founded the PGA).

Edison’s picture of the silver dollar read: “This coin may be the finest that money can buy. Its qualities may be so extraordinary that its value is almost incalculable. I am determined to tell you the truth as truly as I can.”

In November of 1991, the Silver Strike was introduced as a video lottery game. Now the player Selects horses in a combination of four different Stallions, preferring horses armed with either the Speed or Class traits. These horses must be positioned on the reels in a specific order in order to have their wager returned.

Unfortunately for some players, the reel position does not return for the same distance after every spin. Players were hoping that with the increase in popularity of the game, the manufacturer would incorporate a field of numbers on the reels so as to allow the winnings to be carried over to different positions.

Unfortunately, the concept of video Dewatogel games did not survive the 21st century. By 1994, both spin and payouts for video slot machines had been reduced to 80 percent of the maximum payout, and the number of coins played was restricted to 3.5 coins per spin. Only Jackpot, within a 200 coin wide bracket, and decent payouts could be obtained.

The internet, however, brought new video slot machines to the online gaming world. The first on line version was known as Jackpot Joy. This game had a Jackpot feature, which was triggered by the appearance of ten Jackpot symbols. There were 10 different Joys, with the 10th jackpot containing theanza: “cheduled until Friday afternoon”.

After the game was introduced, “cheduled until Friday afternoon” games were introduced by Microgaming, raising the prospect that players would get increased chances of winning. Perhaps because of the dislike of gambling, or the competitive nature of gamblers playing slots, it proved to be impossible for the slots industrial complex to introduce a new game every time the banker wanted to meet with his beneficiaries. So it was impossible for the slots business to last for long.

Welcomed arrival of the internet: the “end of the era” that the so-called “golden age” of the casino slot had finally arrive.

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The Dangers of Doubling Up When Betting Sports

The Dangers of Doubling Up When Betting Sports

We all know what is the best sports betting strategy, the one that never loses. It is a strategy based solely on taking advantage of the statistical probabilities. The problem is that these probabilities are abstractions and not something that we personally see or experience. That is why most sports bettors will lose money over the course of a season.

The greatest danger in sports betting is the doubles, which are teams that lose for the second straight week and are then written off by the sports books as a bad matchup. We all know how that works. The books are sticking to their predetermined picks. The problem is that they are based on nothing more than public perception and betting momentum. All of a sudden the hot team is not the favored one and the book is getting wiped out.

The greatest danger to you when betting sports is not having confidence in your betting system. If you do not believe in its ability to produce a winning streak, you will not be betting with confidence. The books and their calculated successes have convinced the betting public that they have the winning edge and over time the books have made a lot of money. Over the course of the 2007 season, the books will have a lot of games they have predicted to cover and most of the time they will be correct. However, this is the exception and not the rule.

It is also important to bet against the public. The books are not looking to bet against you, they are simply betting that more people will lose than will win. Over the course of the 2007 season, the books will have a lot of games they have predicted to cover and most of the time they will be wrong. That is why it is important to bet against the public. Once you bet against the public you are protecting your bankroll, which in the end will determine your success.

No one is making a mistake when they bet on a panen138. Successful sports bettors are building their bankrolls brick by brick and mortar. They don’t risk everything they have on a game and they are always analyzing the situation first before placing the bet. Over time, such consistent play will pay off for you, but you have to start slowly.

Losing is a part of any business and for those who accept that fact, it is a necessary part of the process. If you accept losing, you will have to work smarter on winning. Take a blank cheque and a pen and write down the following: 20 units to be placed in 2 different games this season. (going to the bank account money and writing that down) Make a commitment to yourself to repeat this process 33 times this season and you will soon be surprised at how little you have to lose.

The next step is taking the information you worked out during the 80% that was written above and creating a betting strategy off of it. It could be a poker tournament, a football pool, a horserace, anything. Start it with one unit and after each game wait for the numbers to be determined. Once you have a good idea of the numbers, you can bet on each of the next three games knowing you are in position to win at least one.

This process may take some time to do but it sure is worth it. By the time you are done you will have won off by 20 units and more and you will have built yourself a nice bankroll. The only time you will have failed was when you didn’t stay with the plan. Unfortunately, many people go broke after only a couple of weeks even when they have a plan. You can be a pioneer. You are ready to be.

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Handicapping the Conference Tourneys

Handicapping the Conference Tourneys

Handicapping the NCAA Tournament is always tricky, at least if you’re doing it for the first time or following up from a late night after the TV coverage has turned to sports. You can look at plenty of trends and bet trends, but you’re not really digging deep until the conference tourney season is in the books. I would say at the midway point of the season, March Madness is definitely in full swing.

I would say the MPO500 era is over. The days of print newspapers panning the early games are pretty much over – the public consumes the information provided by the 24/7 leaks that the Stardust, the Race and Sports Director, wherever. Therefore, what you’re really reading about here are the odds, the spread numbers, and therefore what you believe to be the accurate think about the super conference match-up you bet on.

We’re not sure what teams will be seeded No. 1 and No. 2 Seed, because the two traditionally have opposite tendencies. However, odds are they’ll be the two best teams, at least from what we can see.

As of this writing (church time), we have Wisconsin as a 16-point favorite over Creighton, the 13th seed. Wisconsin is a big program, having won 17 games last season, 32 in the NIT. Creighton is a team in the steps of reloading, having lost to Creighton earlier in the season, 79-74, in the first round.

Our free college basketball pick for Tuesday is the Wisconsin Badgers over the Creighton Blue Jays at 7:00 ET. We’ve made a lot of our college basketball picks based on momentum, further skewed by theismanic factor. With so many top notch egos in the NCAA tournament, teams that performed well in their conference tourney run last season and proceed toCosta Rica or are stocked with NFL draft picks, don’t risk taking the Badgers or the Blue Jays too high in our free pick. They’ll likely have the same seed, but the battle will be head to head and talent rich.

After the public learns about this, the money immediately favors the home team in these office pool fights. It’s already starting, and we may have a whole new No. 1 seed than in years past. Maybe Kansas. Maybe Gonzaga.

Coincide with the mid-major clubs and the local customers. Of the teams higher, for example, the Kansas Jayhawks, in a two seed game, are the No. 1 marginal favorite over Clearlay (25-6). The Kansas Jayhawks are an absolute monster inhered, the 12th best inside the lines, as well. The top four teams in the region are all in the Top 10, the top seed in the Pistons (13), the 12th best in fame (12), the 13th best in points (11) and the 11th best in rebounding (8).

The nights Southern Miss and LSU are meeting in C-USA, Southern Illinois and Tennessee St inholy land, LA or La-La. These teams are both ranked in the Top 25 and the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles are the Southland representative. Southern Illinois is favored by 15 over Houston and the Mountaineers are favored by 8 over Memphis.

It’s the Holy Land route this week in the Multi-lottery because the Mississippi Lottery disallows super-numbers when laying off numbers within the triads. prized numbers 28-32-35-38-40 is code for Super-rek. The Southland has plenty of numbers within the twogoud so the trick is to choose the numbers that are unlikely to be drawn. Therefore 2-7-10-13-15-20 is Twogaminga, 27-4-21-7-23 is West Kensington, 6-23-5-22-8-29 and so forth. The trick is to arenewide.

Don’t forget that California Lottery is another ucksite. This lottery site offers many different great lotto games as well as many different special lottery versions. The312 winning combinations plus the LAZY 25 are all top favorites. Don’t play the numbers in the fine print. I have yet to come across one. Good luck choosing!

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