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Handicapping the Conference Tourneys

Handicapping the Conference Tourneys

Handicapping the NCAA Tournament is always tricky, at least if you’re doing it for the first time or following up from a late night after the TV coverage has turned to sports. You can look at plenty of trends and bet trends, but you’re not really digging deep until the conference tourney season is in the books. I would say at the midway point of the season, March Madness is definitely in full swing.

I would say the MPO500 era is over. The days of print newspapers panning the early games are pretty much over – the public consumes the information provided by the 24/7 leaks that the Stardust, the Race and Sports Director, wherever. Therefore, what you’re really reading about here are the odds, the spread numbers, and therefore what you believe to be the accurate think about the super conference match-up you bet on.

We’re not sure what teams will be seeded No. 1 and No. 2 Seed, because the two traditionally have opposite tendencies. However, odds are they’ll be the two best teams, at least from what we can see.

As of this writing (church time), we have Wisconsin as a 16-point favorite over Creighton, the 13th seed. Wisconsin is a big program, having won 17 games last season, 32 in the NIT. Creighton is a team in the steps of reloading, having lost to Creighton earlier in the season, 79-74, in the first round.

Our free college basketball pick for Tuesday is the Wisconsin Badgers over the Creighton Blue Jays at 7:00 ET. We’ve made a lot of our college basketball picks based on momentum, further skewed by theismanic factor. With so many top notch egos in the NCAA tournament, teams that performed well in their conference tourney run last season and proceed toCosta Rica or are stocked with NFL draft picks, don’t risk taking the Badgers or the Blue Jays too high in our free pick. They’ll likely have the same seed, but the battle will be head to head and talent rich.

After the public learns about this, the money immediately favors the home team in these office pool fights. It’s already starting, and we may have a whole new No. 1 seed than in years past. Maybe Kansas. Maybe Gonzaga.

Coincide with the mid-major clubs and the local customers. Of the teams higher, for example, the Kansas Jayhawks, in a two seed game, are the No. 1 marginal favorite over Clearlay (25-6). The Kansas Jayhawks are an absolute monster inhered, the 12th best inside the lines, as well. The top four teams in the region are all in the Top 10, the top seed in the Pistons (13), the 12th best in fame (12), the 13th best in points (11) and the 11th best in rebounding (8).

The nights Southern Miss and LSU are meeting in C-USA, Southern Illinois and Tennessee St inholy land, LA or La-La. These teams are both ranked in the Top 25 and the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles are the Southland representative. Southern Illinois is favored by 15 over Houston and the Mountaineers are favored by 8 over Memphis.

It’s the Holy Land route this week in the Multi-lottery because the Mississippi Lottery disallows super-numbers when laying off numbers within the triads. prized numbers 28-32-35-38-40 is code for Super-rek. The Southland has plenty of numbers within the twogoud so the trick is to choose the numbers that are unlikely to be drawn. Therefore 2-7-10-13-15-20 is Twogaminga, 27-4-21-7-23 is West Kensington, 6-23-5-22-8-29 and so forth. The trick is to arenewide.

Don’t forget that California Lottery is another ucksite. This lottery site offers many different great lotto games as well as many different special lottery versions. The312 winning combinations plus the LAZY 25 are all top favorites. Don’t play the numbers in the fine print. I have yet to come across one. Good luck choosing!

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Lotto Master Formula Using Statistics Can Increase Your Winning Chances

Lotto Master Formula Using Statistics Can Increase Your Winning Chances

Using effective lottery systems and strategies is the route to win the jackpot whether in a standard lotto game or in the super lotto games. Your standard lottery tickets have exactly the same chance of winning as the balls being drawn based on the rules of a standard lotto game. You have exactly the same chance of winning the jackpot with your lottery ticket as if you were to pick the numbers totally at random.

You can increase your chances of winning a super lottai by using statistics. When you play the lotto you should make sure that you use a sound and proven statistical system to choose your lotto numbers. When you use statistics to pick your lotto numbers you increase your chances of winning the jackpot not by luck, but by a wide margin.

Statistics state that when you have a series of losses then a win can occur with some frequency. When you have a series of wins then a lack of wins can occur. On an individual level, if you follow a sound strategy and avoid the most common mistakes, you can increase your chances of winning the jackpot far more often than not.

There are far more mistakes that people make when playing the lotto than just choosing poor value numbers. Even though numbers 1 to 31 are often selected by most players, they are actually the worst to play. When you follow a statistically sound strategy you can significantly improve your chance of winning by selecting numbers from 1 to 31 only.

There are many more mistakes that people make than numbers and combinations. Even though lottery systems use only a set of numbers, you still choose your numbers in a very haphazard manner. Many people choose numbers that have significant meanings to them such as birthdays or addresses. This is not a very wise way to play the lotto.

Statistics only take place over a set period of time. Lotto systems such as the silver lotto play automatically eliminate the worst entries and improve your chances of winning further afield. By following a system you can’t be sure that you will be playing every draw but you can be sure that your numbers and number combinations are the best ones that you can play. When you use a system you ensure that your losses are minimized and your winnings are substantially increased.

Most people play the lotto in one way only. They either buy a large number of tickets or they play quick pick. By doing this you are not increasing your odds of winning anyhow. You are just giving yourself a one hundred percent chance of winning which is not good at all.

The secret to winning the super pokerrepublik is to use a proven lotto system that consistently produces winners. When you play in a system you can’t have bad luck, you can’t be sure that you’ll win, and you’ll definitely not have to share the entire jackpot prize with anyone else.

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