How to Buy Cheap Poker Supplies and Still Get Value

While looking for cheap poker supplies awhile back, I came across the promotional item called a Poker Table T bumper sticker. I had used them before, but they seemed to cost a lot more than I remember. Today, I can get a slick low cost poker supply with a great deal more bang for my buck. I decided to buy two poker table bumpers, one red and one blue. I was excited to use them, but had no idea of what to do with them when I got home.

My Husband had an idea. We had been looking through all the links on the internet and couldn’t find anything that we would want, so he suggested we prematurely order the inexpensive sit and go poker supplies. Since we were just getting into the game, the cost was right. depo 20k bonus 30k slot We received their poker tables, but only got plastic chips. Since we were losing money, we figured we would save money by purchasing the cheap chips. Thus was born our weekly poker game. We spend about $15 on cheap poker chips, and $15 on our poker table.

I’ll admit it, we’re not the type of people that really drink when we play poker, so it didn’t really matter that much. We had about ten people here and everybody wanted to win like crazy. This forced us to drink alcohol, but it helped us have a better understanding of the game. You have to remember that we start playing at 9:30a.m. We had a hard Labor day yesterday, so we had to wait until 12:30p.m. to start playing, so we could all get together and strategize.

Anyway, we lost a little money, but I just focused on the positives. I got drunk and tired, and since I was tired, I didn’t really pay attention to the other people. I think maybe if we all played at the same table it would have helped. My favorite poker night end the best because we have a two hour time window and I wake up several times a week to go to the gym. While drinking, I wanted to play more, but I couldn’t because I had to get up in the morning.

If you don’t have a two hour time window, you can get by with just one hour. Of course, you don’t have to play all night, but every once in awhile you can steal a couple of freebies if nobody else is playing. We have a great way of rewarding ourselves with a small payback each time we hit a big hand. Every time we break a big hand using two cards from the same suit, I’ll bet one chip. If I lose, everybody wins $0.25, and I keep the winnings. If I win, we split the $0.50 and keep the profits. It’s a win-win situation.

However, you’re probably realizing how you could play this game for a living and still have a lot of fun. You’ll definitely consider playing in bigger games with more money and less people. We did this once, but because we had only played small games with $10 stepping in, we didn’t really have any big winnings. After we won a nice pot $3, everyone got excited, but we had already lost the money and were catching our breath. Everyone figured that we were done for the night. Unfortunately, we had a great time and luckily had caught a break before our big moment.

For most people, I believe playing cards is just a hobby. Even a profession to some extent, you have to treat it that way. There are many ways to gamble, but you don’t want to go crazy. I’ve seen all kinds of people try to make a living off of cards, but I’ve only seen a portion of the pool. You can do this full time, or you can do it part time, but not both. I like to play 11.5g poker chips for a living. It doesn’t get much better than that.