A Review of Real Poker Training

Is Real Poker Training a scam? If you are a poker player who has spent years honing his skills on the internet then the answer to this question is probably a resounding “no”. togel hk siang However, Poker Training Network (RTN) uses the power of the internet to allow you to gain access to training videos in your favorite game, with a mentor who has been playing the game for years and years.

What you get with Real Poker Training is a personal appearance by a professional poker player, a behind the scenes look at how his strategy is developed, and advice given by him as he progresses through games. togel hk siang You also get having access to a Statistics Resource Center, filled with over seven hundred pages of data and information on the game of poker.

RTN has become the instrumental platform that allows people to play poker from the comfort of their home. Bonuses offered include Personal Monthly Contests, a $5.00 Bonus for 6 months of Full membership, Special sunglasses at inception and an Opportunity to play in a poker training conference.

So, is Real Poker Training a scam? Gregasuresco, an affiliate with Real Poker Training, believe so, and has taken the time to write this review to give the general public an insight into the workings of this training site.

“What impressed me most about the conference was the speakers. I wanted to hear knowledgeable poker players discuss how they developed their strategies and what went wrong with their games. CPC is more of a subscription service than a conference, and even though you have to pay a nominal membership fee, the information you get is worth it. Most of the events have over 200 attendees, and the overwhelming majority of those conference attendees are new to poker. Many conference attendees have been playing poker for years and had no idea how to deal with opponents who have more experience than they do.

However, some of the most interesting material is what is in the newsletter. In addition to receiving updates on the conference, your email when referred to the resource center also gets you an extra bonus of 25% at Benson + Daniels. The folks over at Benson + Daniels know a lot about poker and have the inside scope on what the hot new strategy is in poker. Most of the poker strategy is not profitable, but it does teach you how to be successful in your games.

Moreover, Real Poker Training has a LiveLesson videosession available for new players. togel hk siang In this video lesson, Pete and Ken jump through some of the most common problems that beginners encounter. Not only do they give new players the tools to handle these types of situations, they also shorthand some of the best strategies that are being used in the industry. If you are a new player, this is absolutely an important thing to check out.

The audio quality is high and the colors are very bright. However, Real Poker Training has the customers than some of the best instructors online. Peterson is a winning player who has been playing for years, and if you want to learn more, he can be reached [email protected].