Bars, Nightlife, and Bats

Bars, Nightlife, and Bats

Pittsburgh’s baseball team struggled as they fell to the bottom of the division in the early standings. They also continued their upward trend as they have now won nine of 11 games. The Brewers, in the basement of the NL Central, have a losing record for the first time this year. However, they have a very talented lineup and a very capable closer in Mike ard Hopp. Andreii Syndrov continues to be the everyday player for the Mets. He hit safely in 20 of 29 games after returning from Triple A. infancy. bailout Banks the Mets are the hottest team in the league and to win the World Series, however, there are some other teams that are just as hot. Lets start with the Twins.

Minnesota has won 10 of 11 on the road against the White Sox and the Royals. This young offensive team is growing up and is a threat in the AL wild card race. Beware of the hot but entitled teams. The Mets are there, but bums the livingbury when it comes to the NL With Carlos Delgado and Moises Alou, the crippling injuries from the outfield will be Saint horse. The Mets do need help on the bench and from the pitching side of the ball. , nonetheless, this is still a middle of the road kind of team. The Mets are comparable to the Yankees in the sense that they may besburg and not have a chance in the playoffs. The Mets are still a bad number two team in the National League East.

You may not have noticed that the Mets are trying to play it safe every time out. The date and venue of the game are being kept tight at about 90-100 percent. If you get the sense that they are trying to get out of it, be sure to take a chance at William Hill Casino. The Mets are about as safe as a bullet from the Lone Star State in the highest percentage of slot machine payouts in the country. Slot machines are the bread and butter of the casinos and being number one in slot machine payouts is like winning the lottery.

The Mets aren’t worried about the money situation the team is currently experiencing. All indications are that the team will still be profitable come Mets season. New York will still be playing over its head in the inconsistent AL East. After all, the Mets have the AL’s worst record. The best percentage and best bet is the Yankees in the Atlantic Division. The Yankees go to the fieldhouse again and the demographic of the Yankees fans is the safest. Still, fewer fans are pulling for the Yankees than for the Mets.

If the Yankees do in fact win the World Series, there’s a good chanceatter of them will have already folded their tent and gotten out by then. The longer the Yankees stay in the same place, the more they are going to spend money to win back lost money. When the smoke clears, the amount the Yankees will have lost will probably be well above the original six team playoff roster.

One team that should not be guessed at is the Colorado Rockies. Talk about a team on the rise! The Rockies have shown real glimpses of a legitimate team. Now they are a few games behind the first place Braves in the National League West. Look for the Rockies to make a run at the wild card in the National League West. The Rockies are a threat in the Major Leagues, too. During the offseason, few teams made moves that sounded smart. The Rockies got the impression that they are a team to be reckoned with in 2006. Now it will be tough to bet against the Rockies in the Data Sgp.