How To Know The Holdem Rules Of Game Without Having To Look Stupid And Ask Your Friends

How To Know The Holdem Rules Of Game Without Having To Look Stupid And Ask Your Friends

There is no question that Holdem is an easy game to learn. Many friends and relatives that are poker enthusiasts full out admit that poker is an easy game to learn. It only takes as you go from knowing nothing to knowing everything. However the real question is were are the holdem rules easy to learn or are they hard to learn.

First and foremost the first thing you have to know is the the each Holdem rule is different from the way you play the game in typical casinos. So you will need to learn them all. There is the limit Holdem rule, the flop rule, the river rule, the pair rule and the showdown rule. Each and every rule described below is applied in particular circumstances during the game.

Holdem Rules – Limit Holdem Rule

The limit holdem rule starts off with two players to the left of the dealer putting in the small and big blind. This is the minimum bet. The blinds are named as low as 2 cents. The online poker room will set the bet to a fraction of that initial amount. 1/2 of the small blind is 1/2 of the minimum bet.

Holdem Rules – Flop Rule

Before the game can start the dealer will deal 5 cards to each able player. There are three round of betting. The first of which is the small blind. Then the dealer will deal the flop which are the first three community cards. These are dealt face up and are called the flop.

Holdem Rules – Turn Rule

After the flop the dealer will deal the turn. The turn is the fourth card dealt face up and another round of betting follows.

Holdem Rules – River Rule

After the fourth card is dealt the dealer deals the river. Now the game is coming to an end. If the player is still in the game after the river card is dealt the winner is the player with the bestfive card poker combination.

Holdem Rules – Pair Rule

The most important legal entity in five card poker is the pair. If you have two cards of the same value (two pairs) and in the same suit (five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty) aces count as an ace, two’s through eights are counted as twos, aces with queens are counted as queens and kings count as kings.

Holdem Rules – No Pair Rule

Sites all say that if any player has two or more cards of the same value they should break the tie by adding the value of the second highest card. For instance, if you have a king and an ace you have pair and aces count as twos, aces count as threes and so on. This eliminates the possibility of having a low pair.

So there you have the authentic rules of five card poker. Memorize these rules for fast play when you are playing with your friends and relatives or at the casino. But be warned, these are the real rules and you need to know them as if you are playing the game before putting your money in. If you really want to make money when you are playing dewalive, stick to the real rules.